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Advanced Investment Management (AIM)

Maximize the long-term value of acquisition, engagement, and retention campaigns

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When will large sign-up bonuses pay back? How will new credit card accounts perform in 18 months? Which offers will keep customers engaged? And how should credit card campaign projections change to keep up with a dynamic marketplace?

Advanced Investment Management (AIM) answers these critical questions by rapidly building forecasts at scale for all acquisition, engagement, and retention campaigns and automatically updating each model as new data becomes available. AIM then quickly identifies the next best action to take with customers. 

Financial institutions around the world benefit from AIM’s:


Flexibility and Scale
AIM tracks all past and present campaigns in a centralized dashboard to inform the optimal characteristics for each new program, including annual fees, sign up bonuses, rewards offers, and credit limit increases.


Business Focus
AIM empowers the business to accurately project key profit and loss metrics for each campaign so banks can optimize budget allocation across marketing investments.


Fresh and Accurate Forecasts
AIM automatically updates forecasts and models to ensure that they accurately predict customer lifetime value.


Actionable Recommendations
AIM’s NextAction optimization engine incorporates forecast projections to recommend optimal campaign investments that maximize long-term value within given budget constraints.

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