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Business Locator

A snapshot of Mastercard-accepting merchants open for business on any given day.


Organizations, governments and consumers need to understand which businesses are open during crisis and recovery. Business Locator delivery methods are flexible to serve multiple use cases. For consumers, the service is delivered through, a site built and hosted by the data firm Sixth Sense and powered by Mastercard. The site enables consumers to search and confirm which businesses are open in their area. It is currently available in the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, and Canada.

Benefits of Business Locator:


Adheres to the highest standards for accuracy and completeness

Merchant information is cleansed and matched to best-in-class merchant datasets; merchant listings are identified as soon as a Mastercard transaction occurs


Reflects merchant changes over time

Understand the types of payment activities each location supports, and how the merchant landscape evolves


Unlocks unique merchant insights

Indicators such as 'Parent Brand', 'Lat/Long', 'Primary Sales Channel', 'Cash Back' and 'Near-field Communication Capable' are derived from anonymized and aggregated transaction information


Offers flexible implementation

Allows you to choose the best implementation approach (e.g., API, data license) for your needs

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