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Welcome to the Compendium, a collection of insights, analysis and global thought leadership developed to help inspire data-driven innovation. Our goal is to provide you with a unique perspective, one based upon deep expertise across industries that can help develop the most advanced approaches and innovative solutions for your short and long-term business goals.

Mastercard Thought Leadership

Digital players and technology have disrupted the travel industry
Digital Disruption Is Shaking Up the Travel Industry: Here's How to Stay Ahead

Digital players and technology have disrupted the travel industry, from carpooling apps to biometric scanning at airports. To stay on top, companies need to be innovative.

Compendium Data-driven insights and easy-to-redeem offers can capture the high-spend luxury traveler.
Here's Why Everyone Wins With Cross-Border Travel Rewards Programs

In today's world of always-on, seamless experiences, making your card top-of-wallet for high-spend luxury travelers means crafting easy-to-redeem, appealing offers.

article - the impact of digital advertising at the cash register
The Impact of Digital Advertising at the Cash Register

In 2017 advertisers spent more on digital advertising than on traditional TV advertising for the first time ever.

Four Barriers to Effective Analytics

In 2018, executives have a lot on their to-do lists, and many new technologies to consider – from data analytics to blockchain to artificial intelligence. But are they turning buzzwords into business success?

Overcoming Analytics Roadblocks

Analytics have become vital to these organizations’ business success, and for years financial institutions have spent big money on their analytics capabilities – yet many still struggle to maximize the value of their analytics.

article - unleashing the full potential of analytics
Unleashing the Full Potential of Analytics

Having analytics capabilities is clearly not the same as using them effectively. Executives across all industries cite a range of issues reducing the effectiveness of analytics in their organizations.

article - confidence crisis in financial services
Solving the Confidence Crisis in Financial Services

The financial services industry runs on relationships, and banks are striving to optimize every aspect – from acquisitions to establish new relationships, to keeping those customers engaged and growing their business later down the line.

The Promise of 1:1 Marketing in the Era of Big Data

When management consultants Peppers and Rogers published The One to One Future in 1993, marketers were abuzz with the notion that one-to-one marketing was going to revolutionize the industry.