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Mastercard Webinar: Innovation and Experimentation during the Covid-19 Recovery - Europe Insights


Covid-19 has materially impacted businesses and analytical priorities, requiring new innovations to be tested in-market.

During these unprecedented times, companies need to answer critical questions about their performance and customer expectations to strategically target their investments. Mastercard Test & Learn® can be leveraged to uncover drivers of performance to inform key actions and optimize business recovery.

Webinar Speakers:

Andy Turner headshot  

Matthew Peck  

Senior Managing Consultant, Mastercard

Andy Turner headshot  

Andy Turner 

Senior Managing Consultant, Mastercard


This Webinar Will Cover:

  • How retail has adapted and innovated in response to COVID-19, sharing the trends and best practices from around the globe.

  • How a Test & Learn methodology can help provide organizations with insight into the impact of response tactics in this new environment. 

  • Questions to ask about your Covid-19 recovery strategy and how they can be answered through a process of business experimentation. 

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