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Mastercard Innovation Sentinel Webinar: 5G Impact, Gen Z Reach and Innovative Analytics

On-Demand (35 minutes)

As we look towards the future, it's clear that the impacts of Covid-19 will linger for many months to come. Now, more than ever, it's crucial to focus on building success, both this year and beyond, by taking advantage of the innovation drive that Covid-19 started and continues to accelerate. 

This webinar discusses the most recent issue of the Mastercard Innovation Sentinel. We examine several emerging trends and explore their benefits and implications for the Financial Services and Payments industries.

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Webinar Speakers:

  • Giuseppe Racanelli, Director/Senior Managing Consultant, Mastercard 
  • Andrew Robinson, Principal, Mastercard 
  • Amanda Martinez, Managing Consultant, Mastercard
  • Agnieszka Spionek, Managing Consultant, Mastercard
  • Karolina Mojysm, Consultant, Mastercard
  • Tobias Puehse, Vice President, Mastercard

This webinar covers: 

  • Tactics that banks can use to effectively win over Generation Z

  • The ways 5G will profoundly change entire business models across industries 

  • How issuers can build innovation through data and analytics applications 

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