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Mastercard Webinar: Travel Check-In


Travel is consistently ranked as one of the top missed activities globally during Covid-19. With many countries in Asia now working on vaccines roll-out, is travel recovery finally on the horizon? Join this webinar for a 15-minutes macro economic outlook, followed by a 60-minutes panel discussion with travel leaders in Asia covering emerging opportunities, insights on the new travel reality, and how to rebuild growth.

Global Economic Outlook and the State of Travel in Asia Pacific

15 Minutes

Join us for a 15-minutes macro outlook on the state of the global economy, implications for the travel industry, and insights on how this will shape travel recovery in Asia.

Session Speaker

Charting the Road to Recovery: Evaluating Trends, Opportunities and Strategies

1 Hour

•    Discussing the shifts in travel, and strategies on adapting to a new consumer landscape 
•    Leading your recovery strategy with insights: Where are the opportunities? 
•    Keeping consumers engaged and loyal: Deploying segment-specific engagement tactics
•    Co-existing with Covid-19: Redesigning customer service, journeys and experiences
•    Live Q&A

Session Speakers

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