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Mastercard Webinar: Risk Mitigation Strategies for Issuers During COVID-19


Assessing the global impact of market shifts on businesses and consumer behavior is crucial to reducing your risk exposure and tailoring your strategies to the changing environment

The cyclical nature of the global economy already necessitates robust analytical approaches to inform decision-making. As markets react to the effects of COVID-19, these capabilities are becoming more critical than ever. Thus, effectively shaping risk management strategies amidst market downturns is important to defining a sustainable strategy and achieving long-term business objectives.

Webinar Speakers:

Kabeer Joshi headshot  

Kabeer Joshi

Vice President, Mastercard

Jamie Yang headshot


James Yang

Managing Consultant, Mastercard

Jamie Villines headshot  

James Villines

Senior Managing Consultant, Mastercard

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • Importance of risk management during these unprecedented times

  • Key principles of risk mitigation that can inform your company’s overall strategy

  • Tools and lessons to help carry out your organization’s risk mitigation strategies with a focus on credit risk management topics (new loan underwriting, managing delinquency, bad debt, credit line management, collections, etc.)

Watch the Webinar

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