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Dimitrios Dosis

President, Mastercard Advisors

In a decade of digital transformation in financial services, artificial intelligence has become one of the hottest topics for banking innovation. Mastercard has worked with dozens of global partners on implementing AI solutions around customer servicing, fraud detection, portfolio optimization, and more.

As more institutions invest in this technology, it’s clear that AI is not a magic button for innovation success. AI solutions are often costly, difficult to implement and data-intensive, and ROI gains can be minimal. The banks successfully using this technology develop comprehensive and targeted AI strategies instead of those merely chasing the hype.

Artificial intelligence is essential to the way we are reimagining our business. As a company powered by data, it’s been critical for us from the start to develop smart, automated processes and systems. Based on our experience implementing AI internally and from advising our global partners, Mastercard understands how banks should approach their enterprise-wide AI strategy. We’re excited to share this guidance and to continue working with our trusted partners to enable data-driven, best-in-market solutions.

Learn more by downloading our white paper on AI in banking.


Dimitrios Dosis leads a global team focused on helping retail and banking customers to solve pressing business issues with data-driven solutions. He is also a member of the company’s management committee.

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