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Francis A. Hondal

President, Loyalty Services, Managed Services & Labs as a Service

Consumers today are measuring their success by meaningful experiences rather than by what they own. They put more weight in daily interactions that make life more convenient, rewarding and memorable. Creating unique experiences should be central to any loyalty program. Traditional rewards, such as points, miles and discounts, are still important ingredients of a successful loyalty program, but aren’t the only features that make consumers loyal.

At Mastercard, we talk about contextual loyalty. These are emotional connections that go beyond dollars and points. Brands must meet consumers where they are—from smartphones to their personal interests.

Seamless digital delivery and personalized offers are increasingly important in driving emotional connections. It’s the “what” and the “how” that keep consumers engaged. Brands need to focus on removing friction for the consumer experience to become digital by design and forge strong relationships through tech investments in platforms, data analytics and AI.

At Mastercard Loyalty & Engagement, we work to continuously reimagine loyalty and consumer engagement to help our partners win the hearts, minds and wallets of their consumers.

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Francis A. Hondal oversees Mastercard’s robust loyalty platforms and products. She’s also in charge of the company’s agile, cross-collaboration implementation team focused on high-impact marketing programs and rapid product design services.  

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