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Four Top Trends for 2018

How CPGs Should Respond

Data-Driven Digital Transformation
As digital advertising becomes increasingly prevalent and CPG ad budgets continue to grow, organizations must carefully reallocate media spend beyond mass media platforms to include digital channels and mass one-to-one marketing.

Omnichannel Fulfillment Strategies
In today’s omnichannel reality, CPGs can no longer rely on their shelf presence alone. CPGs and retailers alike must contemplate how best to refine and further develop their omnichannel strategies.

Becoming an Experience Brand
While omnichannel is growing, the majority of CPG dollars are still spent in store. Given that, refining the in-store experience is critical to building better relationships and ultimately driving long-term loyalty.

Increased Retailer-Supplier Collaboration
Increasingly, innovating effectively requires that retailers and consumer packaged goods organizations share information, collaborate on new ideas, and test those ideas.

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