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Context and Challenge

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A national department store recently launched a new product line with a high-end brand, which generated successful sales across the network in the first few weeks.

In order to further improve performance, the department store wanted to develop a better understanding of the new product line and the shoppers who purchased from it.


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The department store used Market Basket Analyzer to evaluate customer visits, understand shopping behavior and discover actionable insights to enhance the performance of the new product line.


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  • Market Basket Analyzer evaluated customer visits and found that the average shopper who purchased from the new product line spent over $400 per visit, with nearly $300 of that spend on the new line
  • Market Basket Analyzer helped the department store understand how basket size and composition varied based on key shopper segmentations
  • Market Basket Analyzer unlocked additional insights by evaluating shoppers' purchasing behavior before and after the new product line launch

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