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Context and Challenge

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The bank was losing deposit customers, they did not have an online application to drive acquisition, and they wanted to acquire customers, in-branch, during the global pandemic.

They were investing heavily in a new checking account program and began conducting marketing campaigns to drive acquisition.

The bank sought Mastercard’s help in improving the reach and efficacy of its campaigns.


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Mastercard partnered with the bank to:

  • Assess the market competitiveness of the product and the bank’s existing checking acquisition campaigns with Test & Learn.
  • Identify top performing drivers of acquisition and build a customized targeting model based on nearly 2,000 attributes.
  • Design and Manage a series of acquisition campaigns using expanded prospect pools with Mastercard’s team of data-driven marketing acquisition experts.
  • Measure the impact of the new campaigns and identify opportunities for future optimization.


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Mastercard designed and managed campaigns that drove an improvement in spend efficacy, and a lift in total acquisitions.

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