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Context and Challenge

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PrivatBank, the largest commercial bank in Ukraine, wanted to reimagine their branches to respond to evolving consumer preferences during the pandemic.

The goal was to create a new service model where PrivatBank could seamlessly connect customers with their digital banking services​


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Mastercard developed detailed personas and agile service attribution to ensure branch experiences and financial products were aligned with PrivatBank's customers’ needs and expectations​.

Virtual reality was then used to design a digital-first retail banking experience with PrivatBank’s customers at the center.


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PrivatBank opened a 2,500 square-foot fully digital branch located in downtown Kyiv and the first of its kind in Ukraine​. Key features include:

  • Digital screens, multi-touch bars and self-service kiosks provide access to the latest banking solutions.
  • Biometric technologies are integrated to identify the customer upon entering the branch.

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