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Context and Challenge

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Covid-19 devastated the global travel and tourism industries. The country of Georgia, with a GDP heavily reliant on tourism, felt the crushing impact of travel restrictions and lockdowns imposed by the pandemic.


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Mastercard Tourism Insights enabled the Georgian National Tourism Administration to use anonymized and aggregated payment data — pre- to post-trip — to uncover consumers’ behaviors, sentiments and spending habits, allowing better decision-making and planning.

Sentiment data, pulled from search engines, Mastercard transactions, social media and booking data, measures a visitor’s overall satisfaction with everything from weather to accommodations to security.


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These insights are helping local Georgian hoteliers transform how they interact with and attract customers by better understanding:

  • when to expand or encourage traffic
  • how to market to certain kinds of travelers — for example, the needs of a family versus a backpacker — or offer ways to manage overcrowding or seasonal lulls

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