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Pay With Rewards Is the Seamless Solution Your Loyalty Program Needs

By Jamie Samaha, Senior Vice President, Issuer Loyalty Products

Give your customers the loyalty program they want with Mastercard's Pay With Rewards™ solution.

If you look closely, you'll see a revolution underway. Discerning consumers are fed up with a crowded digital commerce landscape and are choosing sides when they finally find a rewards program that really works. And they're opting for programs that offer a streamlined, digital-first experience that's tailored to their individual needs.

That's why many merchants and banks — and their customers — are turning to Mastercard Pay with Rewards™. The mobile app removes the complications that burden other rewards programs by allowing customers to redeem their points at millions of locations in the moment of transaction. An API allows Pay with Rewards to quickly be integrated into any digital experience, creating a seamless connection for customers.

Cardholders benefit because they have the flexibility to use their points when and where they see fit, and they can enjoy a no-hassle rewards program that can be used in digital wallets wherever they go. Pay with Rewards harnesses the advantages of the digital age by providing a seamless rewards experience that deepens consumer relationships and drives loyalty.

Pay with rewards is the seamless solution your loyalty program needs

Consumers Want More Than a Transaction

In the biggest shift since plastic cards, digital apps are becoming the payment of choice at points of sale. Digital wallets are used in grocery and retail stores, coffee shops and even amusement parks, while 48% of millennials open their mobile banking apps every day to check balances and transfer money.

There is increased opportunity for service providers who want to ride the digital wave, as customers search for seamless, simple payment options that give them control over the way they use reward points. According to Mastercard research, 90% of consumers feel that it's essential for coupons to be easy to redeem, but only 43% feel that they actually are. Not only that, many customers recognize that the value of mobile payments lies beyond the transaction itself, and they're keen on the value-add of the digital experience. Customers enjoy personalized, relevant, location-based offers, up-to-the-minute account information and real-time customizable alerts.

While other reward programs struggle to coalesce data, leaving consumers with a fragmented and frustrating process, Pay with Rewards bridges all the components behind a rewards program to provide consumers with a seamless experience on their digital devices. Here's how it's done:


Freedom and Flexibility

Pay with Rewards allows cardholders to easily redeem their rewards at the register or online at millions of eligible locations worldwide. Not only that, customers can choose to reimburse part or all of their purchase, offering maximum flexibility for how and when they redeem their points.


Real-Time Balance Notifications

Customers can customize their notifications so they are alerted immediately after they make a qualifying purchase at a store or online merchant. And, customers' balances and transaction data are updated in real time.


No Fuss, Coupon-Less Redemption

The mess and confusion of coupons are eliminated with Pay with Rewards. After cardholders decide to use their points on a purchase, a reimbursement is then seamlessly applied to their monthly statement.


Entering a New Age of Innovative Digital Payments

Merchants and issuers can use the promise of an enhanced digital experience to steer consumers toward a responsive and secure rewards program. Behind the scenes, you'll have everything you need to make your loyalty program efficient and profitable: data and analytics, expert program management, rewards and benefits, targeted promotions and offers and seamless digital delivery.

Third-party apps, mobile wallets and innovative payment solutions are here to stay. Implementing a digital-first, frictionless rewards program makes every customer interaction more valuable, and helps you win customer loyalty for life.

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