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RIsk Mitigation in a Covid-19 Economy

How issuers can manage risk while helping their customers thrive

Credit card issuers have always faced a certain degree of risk, but the global pandemic has wholly changed their outlook and portfolios. Some consumers and small businesses face significant financial challenges, which impacts how issuers assess their card portfolios’ health. They must balance protecting their portfolio and helping their customer navigate economic uncertainty.

In the second half of 2020, issuers should develop strategies to more accurately identify risks, make short- and long-term adjustments and help their customers in this "new normal." Several analytics tools and other solutions can also provide issuers with the data and insights to make the most impactful decisions despite a healthy degree of uncertainty about the global economy.

To learn more about the actions to take now, download “Risk Mitigation in the Age of Covid-19 – How issuers can manage risk while helping their customers thrive.”

Risk mitigation

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