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Small Business Decision Enhancer (SBDE)

Aggregated and anonymized transaction-based insights on a merchant’s sales, customer segment behavior and overall trends to inform credit decisions.

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Mastercard Small Business Decision Enhancer

Maximize the potential of your small business portfolio by leveraging Mastercard merchant-level KPIs to enhance lending decisions.

Small Business Decision Enhancer (SBDE) provides aggregated and anonymized transaction-based insights on a merchant’s sales, customer behavior and overall trends to evaluate the strength and stability of the business to inform credit decisions.

Insights provided by SBDE include:


Business performance:
Review historical sales, transactions and overall trends


In-Business status:
Identify if the business is currently trading and time since business closure


Consistency of business revenue:
Assess customer spend volatility and loyalty indicators


Customer behavior:
Understand customers’ preferred card payment method across credit and debit, and attributes of these cards, such as affluence and rewards

Strengthen decision making across a range of strategies, including:

  • Improving new customer acquisition, credit decisioning and credit line assignments
  • Managing existing customer risk
  • Identifying prospects for up-sell and cross sell
  • Reviewing credit lines

Make more informed decisions with a clearer understanding of small business sales performance, leading to:

Increased approval rates
Reduced credit losses
Increased customer satisfaction and engagement
Increased revenues

Merchant consent is required for Mastercard to share merchant-level SBDE insights.

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