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As of February 2020, 128 of the world’s 190-plus countries had a form of data privacy legislation in place.* The situation can seem overwhelming to the many businesses that no longer exclusively operate in one jurisdiction.

"Business competitiveness may on the surface appear incompatible with data privacy. To borrow a British idiom, they’re like chalk and cheese.”

All those data privacy regulations are aimed to be pro-consumer. But pro-consumer doesn’t have to mean anti-business. And independent data anonymisation can take data from potential liability to enhanced asset.

In the absence of a global data privacy standard, this paper, co-authored by Mastercard and Trūata, explores how the multitudinous data privacy laws need no longer leave businesses with a chalky aftertaste.

Download the report today.

* “Data Protection and Privacy Legislation Worldwide.” The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, February 2020.


This report is also available in Portuguese here. 

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