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Innovating Through Adversity

Innovation in business has always been a constant. However, throughout history, there have been external events that have changed the way entrepreneurs, consumers, and businesses interact and behave. These events, no matter the size or scale, have demanded an acceleration in innovation in new and varied disciplines.

To get a clear picture of how businesses are approaching innovation today and whether they are prioritising the innovations that matter most to consumers, we surveyed more than 1,800 business executives and 10,000 consumers and partnered with leading CEOs across the globe to understand how innovation leaders responded to the Covid-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty and rapidly shifting consumer expectations. While business leaders from Australia and New Zealand have participated previously, we created an additional Australia and New Zealand report this year, including business leaders from Xero, Afterpay, Optus, Resilience NSW, Tourism Australia, The CEO Institute and Westpac.

The AU-NZ report focuses on how organisations within the region innovated through COVID-19. Building on the global findings, the local report shows that organisations went from strength to strength amid the pandemic, with new risks and opportunities emerging.

So, what can AU-NZ business leaders do to innovate and stand out?

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