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Access real-time payment insights and trends from around the world.
Cards Lab
Improve card value propositions with unique market insights and a seamless user experience.
Digital Safari
Gain actionable insights and reimagine your digital transformation plans form the world’s most innovative organizations.
Digital Payment Index
Explore the rapidly evolving digital payments landscape and gain actionable insights and comparable data across numerous markets.
Mastercard Learning Lab
About Market Trends
Personalization Blueprint
Access the comprehensive and expert resources needed to capitalize on the increased revenue gains associated with a tailored customer experience.
Sandbox as a Service
Test and validate startup solutions to partner with by experiencing live user journeys in our core banking sandbox.
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Unmatched expertise
Explore industry insights, competitive intelligence and technology trends from around the globe.
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Mastercard Market Trends

Access real-time payment insights and trends from around the world.
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Market Trends fornece uma visão simples e organizada de insights confiáveis, tudo em uma só plataforma. Você pode explorar insights do setor, inteligência competitiva e tendências tecnológicas de todo o mundo. Pesquisas sobre desempenho de cartões, liderança de pensamento em tópicos de tendências e as análises aprofundadas dos principais players de fintech são atualizadas semanalmente para garantir que você nunca perca nenhuma notícia.

Understand consumers

Understand consumers

Keep up with new trends in consumer preferences and behaviors to develop relevant and competitive financial products.

Remain competitive

Remain competitive

Understand value propositions of new entry credit cards and compare them to others already in the market.

Unlock potential

Unlock potential

Learn about new payment technologies, how they are impacting different markets and opportunities to leverage them.

Insights and trending topics

Understand consumers


Acquirers and processors can leverage our solutions to discover new payment options, evaluate the payments landscape and stay updated on the industry developments for business growth.

Understand consumers


B2B and Commercial banks can use our solutions to enhance business strategy, offering customers an edge through benchmarking, strategic go-to-market planning, market maturity evaluation and staying informed about disruptive technologies.

Understand consumers


Fintechs can access payment trends, innovation frameworks, and industry insights through our solutions, facilitating benchmarking, competitive card product strategies and expansion into new markets and segments.

Understand consumers


Retail banks can stay competitive and informed by accessing new trends in innovation, technology, and payments, including analyzing technologies, benchmarking value propositions, and validating go-to-market strategies.

Solutions We Power
cards in our value proposition database.
reports and studies on relevant industry topics.
market level data points for more than 70 countries around the world.

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