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Today’s consumer is inundated with digital noise from emails and text messages to social media and digital ads. This makes the role of a retail marketer overseeing acquisition and retention ever more challenging as consumers rely more heavily on e-commerce and evolve their preferences and daily habits.

"Retail is starting to make a comeback around the globe and retailers must be ready. Taking advantage of retail’s growth means being digitally savvy and continuing to innovate”

In the midst of this massive change, the global retail industry is developing new and creative ways to connect with consumers in the right digital channels, at the right time and with the right messaging. 

In this report, we look at:

  • The digital retail landscape around the globe

  • New challenges and opportunities that digital brings to retail

  • Industry tactics for digital acquisition and retention

Download “Breaking Through the Digital Noise” to learn how retailers are making smarter decisions for better outcomes through in-depth analytics, business experimentation and digital loyalty solutions.

Download the Report

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