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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Sustainability & Financial Inclusion

Develop sustainable and inclusive products to build a better world.
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Is it possible to protect the planet and grow your communities while delivering strong business performance?

Mastercard’s sustainability and financial inclusion team helps you blend purpose and profit to create sustainable products and inspire and enable consumers to make eco-friendly choices.

  • Deep expertise. Leverage our expertise, capabilities and assets to incorporate and accelerate sustainability and financial inclusion principles into your strategy and portfolio.
  • Integrated strategies. Complement and integrate your strategies around Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles; from awareness to action, we unite forces in all steps of your sustainability journey.
  • Unmatched assets. We work across interdisciplinary teams to ensure your approach is consistent and complementary with other ESG efforts in your business, ensuring comprehensive and robust outcomes, and effective use of Mastercard assets like Priceless Planet Coalition or Carbon Calculator.

D&S Practice


We’re committed to reaching underserved communities, ensuring everyone can access the benefits of financial products and services.


Our team of Sustainability & Financial Inclusion experts.

Giuseppe Cardullo, ESG Practice Lead
Giuseppe Cardullo Vice president, Sustainability & Financial Inclusion
Beatrice Olsson Falhberg, ESG Practice Lead
Beatrice Olsson Fahlberg Vice president, Sustainability & Financial Inclusion

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