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Fuel & Convenience

Boost profits by enhancing the customer experience with speed and value.

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Supercharge profits by reenergizing your strategies

Consumers' expectations for convenience have evolved. Today’s consumer prefers a one-stop-shop for all their traveling needs, such as affordable gas and quick, quality food. Fuel and convenience retailers are being squeezed more than ever as quick-service restaurants install EV charging stations to meet overlapping consumer needs. You can stay ahead of the competition by using our analytics platforms, proprietary insights, and customer loyalty and personalization expertise to boost profits and grow market share.  

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Market-leading analytics and insights can improve your business performance
Optimize initiatives

Measure and optimize new business strategies

Shoppers expect speed, value and exceptional customer service. Customer-facing technology, including self-ordering kiosks and self-checkout, can provide a quicker and more seamless experience. New store layouts can highlight new products, adding value and increasing basket sizes. Testing these strategies on a small-scale is critical to ensure they improve revenue, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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Fuel and convenience optimize initiatives
Know your customers

Unlock customer spending trends

The competitive landscape is changing, and the lines are blurring between convenience stores and quick-service restaurants. To respond, brands must have a pulse on historical and forecasted consumer spending trends at a more granular geographic level. With these insights, you can more accurately evaluate industry-level shifts in sales, determine new store locations, explore major trends affecting the industry and develop retention strategies. 


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Fuel and convenience win more customers
Win new customers

Attract the right customers 

Customer retention and loyalty are critical, but to truly grow profits, you need to 

  1. Cross-sell to existing customers 
  2. Use cost-effective acquisition strategies to reach new ones

For instance, one way to cross-sell to existing customers is through personalized messages and offers that incentivize fuel customers to come inside and shop in the store. We help you understand the latest spending trends so you can identify key customer segments to target with the right offer at the right time.


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Fuel and convenience build loyalty
Build loyalty

Connect with customers emotionally using personalization and rewards

Your customers are in a hurry. Providing a positive, convenient experience is a great way to increase loyalty, but even small friction points can decrease it. By providing seamless, personalized experiences and valuable loyalty programs, you can foster loyalty that lasts. 


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Fuel and convenience know your customers
Fuel case study 7-Eleven worked with Mastercard to improve business performance

We recently worked with 7-Eleven in Australia, using our Test & Learn® capabilities to support the rollout of new store concepts and evolve its food and beverage offerings. 

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