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Data Strategy & Management

Leverage data to enhance customer experiences and strengthen relationships.
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How can you build a truly data-driven organization?

Data is a powerful tool for businesses but poor data quality, outdated infrastructures, lack of visibility into available data and how to use it are all common obstacles. Mastercard’s data strategy solutions address end-to-end data challenges, helping you effectively use data to reach your business goals.

  • Industry Expertise. We combine our deep consulting experience with our unmatched business insight to provide valuable support.
  • Data know-how. Our years of experience managing and scaling our data gives us unique insights into the competitive environment and how to navigate it with responsible and innovative data governance and usage practices.
  • Tools and Technologies​. Decades of investments in systems, people and solutions allow us to provide advanced platforms and services to deliver value from our data, your data and third-party data.



We provide a range of capabilities to suite your business needs and empower you to:

data strategy case study image How a North American retailer developed an enterprise-wide data strategy

The data supporting the retailer’s critical business function (sales, marketing, merchandising, distribution) spanned the organization with no governance or control. The quality of the insights could have been more reliable and there were significant inefficiencies in leveraging data for decision-making and strategy development. Mastercard worked with the retailer to identify capability gaps across six critical areas and provided guidance on centralizing data across business lines and building a governance framework, creating process efficiencies and enhancing the effectiveness of reporting and analytics.

Customer story

Our team of Data Strategy & Management experts.

Urooj Burney, Cyber Practice Group Lead
Urooj Burney Senior principal, Risk & Resilience Services
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Lisa Mansour Vice president, Data Strategy & Management

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