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Strategic cyber threat landscape evaluation.

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Continuously evaluate your attack landscape based on strategic threat intelligence

Do you have a full picture of the current and future threat landscape? What if you had strategic intelligence and visibility into ongoing and predicted attack trends to evaluate your organization’s dynamic threat landscape?

Mastercard’s Cyber Insights platform allows you to gain insight and context into emerging threats, leading to lower risk through proactive mitigation and improved cybersecurity resilience.

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Quickly make sense of threat intelligence insights from thousands of qualified sources

Threat intelligence is data collected, processed and analyzed to understand threat motives, targets and attack behaviors. Cyber Insights collects threat data automatically and turns it into threat intelligence by evaluating the data source, reliability and relevancy.

This allows you to make faster, more informed decisions and change behavior from reactive to proactive in the fight against security threats.


Why Mastercard? Cybersecurity principles have secured our global payments network for over 50 years

Petabytes of sensitive data stored securely.
Cards’ data and transactions secured annually
Attacks on our network detected and defeated every minute of every day
Cyber Insights case study A regional government entity proactively mitigated a data breach

Before finalizing an annual cybersecurity strategy and budget, the CISO of a regional U.S. government entity ran a quantitative assessment using dynamic threat landscape analysis. It uncovered an emerging and growing threat to public administration organizations in the region from foreign state-sponsored actors who were weaponizing emails to steal personally identifiable information (PII).

The CISO had not planned to invest in an improved data loss prevention (DLP) solution but revised their strategy based on the findings. When cyber-attacks later began attempting to steal PII, the new DLP security controls successfully mitigated a breach and data compromise.

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