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Evaluate policies, increase community engagement and build a sustainable and inclusive economy.

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Improve public sector initiatives and accountability

Governments must navigate complex and evolving trends, all while safeguarding the welfare of citizens and fostering economic growth through sustainable and well-established policies.

Mastercard supports governments and other public sector organizations through a cooperative engagement model, data-driven insights and tailored solutions, resulting in reaching goals and promoting accountability and transparency.

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Navigate various initiatives with the right tools
Inclusive Growth

Build sustainable economies

Governmental, public and social sector organizations face enormous pressure to solve the most urgent social, economic and environmental issues. 

Mastercard is an end-to-end partner for public action worldwide. We turn data into answers and insights to help governments achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth while improving citizen trust.

  • Provide solutions, products, expertise and co-creation capabilities
  • Support social programs and economic development, such as expansion of small and medium businesses
  • Improve decision-making across governments with analytics and ,predictive insights


Solutions we offer:


Digitalization & Cybersecurity

Secure government assets and accelerate innovation efforts

Governments struggle to develop a comprehensive understanding of all payment flows in their economies, including the shadow economy. Estimating the cost of cash in the economy and analyzing and prioritizing payment digitalization initiatives are also major hurdles.

Mastercard supports governments in accelerating growth through secure and data-powered payment digitalization:

  • Deploy a macro-economic framework for Payment Ecosystem Design and Development (PEDD), including infrastructure development, policies and regulations and incentives
  • Identify actionable macro- and micro-economic initiatives, economic segments and use cases, and prioritize them based on ease of implementation and impact
  • Develop an implementation roadmap that sequences initiatives to maximize their compounded effect and measure their impact
  • Increase efficiency with more digitalized workstreams
  • Implement security measures to protect your organization and initiatives


Solutions we offer:


Digitalization & Cybersecurity

Be the destination of choice for today’s traveler

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) require end-to-end data-driven services to develop tourism. 

Mastercard leverages consumer spending insights to help DMOs understand tourism trends and challenges. These insights can help DMOs improve and promote their destinations in a more sustainable and inclusive way. 

  • Insights to better understand and segment inbound markets, tourism flows, trends, competitor offerings and travelers' preferences.
  • Unique experiences from and best-in-place marketing and loyalty services to inspire and attract visitors.
  • Digital solutions to create seamless traveler journeys and unique offerings to maximize visitors’ experience in the destination.


Solutions we offer:


Transit & Mobility

Create a more efficient transit system

People move within urban environments in more diverse ways than ever before. Unfortunately, many urban residents still struggle daily to find the most cost-effective, efficient and sustainable ways to get to work, school or other key destinations.

Mastercard provides scalable and frictionless urban mobility solutions for everyone, everywhere, shaping the future of urban mobility with local governments and mobility operators.

  • Driving down the cost of revenue collection for agencies, while delivering a simplified user experience for riders.
  • Eliminating barriers to entry and reducing noise and environmental pollution.
  • Seizing the connected vehicle opportunity to digitize traffic payments in and around cities.


Solutions we offer:


Transit & Mobility
Disbursements & Collections

Deliver and manage public funds more effectively

Governments have a responsibility to their citizens to manage public resources, provide a social safety net for those in need, promote financial inclusion for the unbanked, and account for the impact of their policies as stewards of public finances. Population trends, growing pressures on public finances, digitalization, and increasing cybersecurity threats impact the scale, complexity, and cost of safeguarding efficient government payment flows.

Mastercard works with governments as a trusted network providing best-in-class solutions and technology to support governments’ commitment to their citizens and small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs), by enabling secure, cost-effective, and transparent government payment flows:

  • Provide valuable portfolio insights, including spending, fraud monitoring, chargeback and authorization.
  • Ensure seamless and secure cardholder experience and high satisfaction.
  • Deploy powerful marketing and communication campaigns.
  • Catalyze effective financial literacy programs.
  • Design and implement comprehensive disbursement and collections programs
  • Streamline the tax and fine collection process for greater efficiency


Solutions we offer:


Government flows (disbursement, collection)
Government case study A Caribbean country’s government and its leading issuer partnered with Mastercard to improve financial inclusion

The government of a Caribbean country aimed to improve financial inclusion despite significant wealth disparity. Their goal was to provide social Christmas aid to 1.4 million citizens, approximately 10% of the population. However, they faced challenges related to fraud prevention and logistical support. To address this, Mastercard Disbursements collaborated with the country’s largest bank to launch a campaign, securely distributing payment cards. The Mastercard Disbursements team efficiently delivered 1.4 million cards ahead of schedule, implementing a flawless authorization process with a 0% fraud rate. Additionally, they implemented restrictions to safeguard against misuse of government funds, resulting in the extension of the initial contract.

Customer story
Josef Říkovský circle
Tourism Insights provide us with trends, developments and consumer spend insights in the travel market. These data points are essential for taking qualified and data driven strategic decisions and therefore streamline the efficiency of our activities. We highly value the expertise of Mastercard Data & Services analytical team.
Josef Říkovský Quality director, Prague City Tourism