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Cyber & Enterprise Risk

Manage business risks and become more resilient in a dynamic landscape.
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How do you transform unknown risks into business opportunities?

Address critical security questions head-on with Mastercard’s advanced technology and hands-on experience so you can decrease financial risk, increase peace of mind and support your customers.

  • Network and ecosystem security. Our technology accounts for the rapidly changing environment of cyber threats and new attack vectors.
  • Holistic and scalable solutions. Our suite of capabilities helps stakeholders ensure optimal cyber health and enterprise risk positioning.
  • Unmatched expertise. Mastercard has extensive hands-on experience securing a worldwide network under diverse jurisdictions, systems and protocols.



Mastercard’s experts take a comprehensive data and risk-driven approach to assessing and remediating a broad range of business risks – from cyber & technology to credit & operations.

We help you identify potential adverse events and recommend and prioritize remediation actions to yield quantifiable returns on investment and improve your risk posture.

Cyber case study image How a cybersecurity team at a national bank bolstered its strategic plan and yielded a reduction of $155M in potential financial exposure

Due to limited resources, the chief information security officer at a national bank struggled to identify security priorities for maximum impact. The bank conducted a Cyber Quant study with Mastercard for a risk-driven analysis of the bank’s cyber priorities. Cyber Quant analyzed the bank’s current cyber posture and suggested three controls to prioritize, which could shrink its financial exposure by $155M, with less than $10 million in cyber security investments. As a result, the bank maximized its limited resources and identified and addressed critical security needs more timely and efficiently.

Customer story

Our team of Cyber & Enterprise Risk consulting experts.

Urooj Burney, Cyber Practice Group Lead
Urooj Burney Senior principal, Risk & Resilience Services
Adarsh Recriwal Vice president, Enterprise Risk & Operations

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