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Simulate likely breaches and cyber attacks.

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Validate and improve your security tech stack, infrastructure and operations

Cyber threats continuously evolve and become more sophisticated, making it challenging to stay one step ahead. 

Imagine doing continuous threat simulations so that you can identify gaps and improve your detection, response and resiliency against cybersecurity threats.

Mastercard’s Cyber Front solution simulates dynamic cyber threats within your production environment, without affecting production systems. This allows you to validate security gaps and misconfigurations and define responses to improve your defenses.

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Working together to validate your infrastructure security and defense systems

Mastercard’s consultants work with your security teams every step of the way. From analyzing the current infrastructure and providing guidance on Cyber Front simulation scenarios, to deploying simulation agents that return results within minutes. You receive recommendations specific to your organization’s security technology vendors.

Run threat simulations to improve detection, response and resiliency

Why Mastercard? Cybersecurity principles have secured our global payments network for over 50 years

Petabytes of sensitive data stored securely.
Cards’ data and transactions secured annually.
Attacks on our network detected and defeated every minute of every day.
Cyber Front Case study A payment and credit solutions company validates security controls to improve confidence in security posture

A leading payment and credit solution company had no way of knowing if their existing security solutions were providing the capabilities needed to protect business assets and confidential financial information. With intensive collaboration with Mastercard, the company embarked on a two-year control validation journey.

Cyber Front enabled the client to create a testing program based on their security network and threat landscape, focusing on threats seeking to infiltrate their network and exploit vulnerabilities on their web applications. As a result, the client drastically improved their security posture and are now expanding the scope of their Cyber Front control validation program to focus on data exfiltration.


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