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Grow your business with data-driven strategies

Luxury brands, clothing shops, specialty retailers and department stores have all seen massive shifts in what people buy, who they buy it from and how much they’re willing to spend. To succeed, you must unlock an understanding of consumer spending outside of your four walls and rely more heavily on testing to ensure new strategies are a success. With Mastercard’s unparalleled analytics and insights, you can inform smarter decisions around loyalty, merchandising and pricing and take your unified commerce strategy to the next level with increased personalization.

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Find the right opportunities to drive growth
Accelerate innovation

Innovate with confidence

To navigate unprecedented change, retailers must be able to accelerate product development and bring new ideas to market quickly. Before rolling out new products or ideas more broadly, you should test the effectiveness of those initiatives on a small-scale and evaluate the impact to the bottom line. With Mastercard’s digital technologies, design thinking expertise and leading business experimentation platform, you can innovate with confidence.


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Accelerate innovation
Attract new shoppers

Acquire high-value shoppers

Today’s consumers are inundated with messages across a growing number of digital channels, making acquisition tricky. Mastercard spend insights can enable you to break through the digital noise by identifying the right customers to reach with the right offer at the right time to drive the largest impact.


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Deepen loyalty
Deepen loyalty

Engage shoppers and cultivate brand loyalty

As competition increases, so do shoppers’ expectations. Shoppers want personalized experiences, exclusive perks, convenience and more. To retain shoppers, you must take a more holistic approach to customer loyalty. Successful brands will understand that loyalty is more than just a program, channel or single interaction. Instead, loyalty is an outcome of authentic customer experiences. Mastercard’s customer engagement solutions can help you develop stronger relationships with shoppers, making anonymous customers known, loyal and profitable.


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Understand your market
Understand your market

Gather consumer shopping insights across your markets

To attract and retain shoppers, brands must understand the markets in which they operate and anticipate evolving shopping habits. With Mastercard’s proprietary insights, gleaned from over 140 billion aggregated and anonymized transactions, you can understand how the macroeconomic landscape impacts consumer spending, contextualize your brand’s performance and discover new opportunities with daily spend forecasts.


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Attract new shoppers
Improve cyber security

Upgrade your cyber security capabilities

As brands collect more data and consumers interact at more touch points, the risk for cyber threats increases. By proactively prioritizing cyber security, you can keep customers’ data safe and maintain their trust.


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Improve security
Myer mid page image Myer reactivated customers, driving over a 2x uplift in sales compared to previous targeting models

Myer, a leading Australian department store, wanted to gain a better understanding of customers’ external spending behaviors to enhance its direct marketing campaigns.

The retailer used Mastercard Customer Data Enhancement (CDE) to segment shoppers. CDE provided insights on customers’ spending headroom, share of wallet and propensity to spend across retail categories to inform the company’s overall customer management strategy and significantly improve targeted marketing campaigns.

By using Customer Data Enhancement, Myer activated lapsing customers and drove over a 2x uplift in sales compared to previous targeting models.

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Customer story
Bonnie Bradley headshot
We were able to leverage the great credentials and experience that Dynamic Yield had and start to build out opportunities to service our customers with more relevant messaging.
Bonnie Bradley Chapter area lead – Marketing, digital, and eCommerce, The Warehouse Group

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