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Engage your guests and improve profitability.

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Serve your customers better and grow your bottom line

Navigate ever-evolving consumer expectations and market conditions by working with Mastercard Data & Services. With our insights, technology and industry expertise, your restaurant can test and optimize new strategies, build loyalty, understand your customers better, acquire high-value guests and improve cyber security.

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With the right partner, restaurants can transform their business
Optimize strategies

Identify and optimize new strategies

In response to evolving consumer preferences and industry trends, your restaurant will need to launch new strategies. But how can you identify the most effective strategies and optimize their execution? By using check-level data, you can unlock a deeper understanding of customer purchase behavior and adapt to it. For example, check-level data analysis can reveal ways to simplify your menu and reduce costs without adversely affecting sales and loyalty. Active testing and measurement ensure that these new tactics drive the desired results.


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Optimize strategies
Build loyalty

Grow loyalty with deeper, more personalized interactions

Move your restaurant loyalty program beyond a points-based approach to deepen relationships with customers. By using transactional and behavioral data, your restaurant can deliver tailored offers, unique dining experiences and personalized digital menus at drive-thrus, apps and in-store kiosks.


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Build loyalty
Understand your guests & market

Get better acquainted with your guests and market

As restaurant costs and competitive pressures increase, your margins shrink. To increase revenue, it’s vital to understand customer spending trends and preferences. With insights at both the industry and guest level, your restaurant can contextualize performance and discover new opportunities.


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Understand your guests and market
Acquire guests

Attract high-value guests

Winning new customers is critical for restaurant success. In today’s competitive market, your restaurant can evolve acquisition efforts beyond mass communication strategies with more personalized tactics. By developing a deeper understanding of the ideal customer, your restaurant can further grow profits by also upselling existing customers.


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Improve cyber security
Improve cyber security

Step up your data and cyber security practices

Investing in new technologies also requires investing in strong data and cyber security practices. Despite efforts to reduce risk, cyber security breaches have impacted restaurant brands around the globe. By addressing critical security questions head-on, your restaurant can maintain customer trust and leverage data for better customer experiences.


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Acquire guests
McDonalds teaser McDonald’s enhances the customer experience with a new era of digital menu decisioning

After successfully testing Dynamic Yield’s personalization and experience optimization solution in several US restaurants in 2018, McDonald’s became one of the first global restaurant brands to integrate AI-powered decision technology. This included personalized product recommendations in more than 12,000 US drive-thrus during a 6-month period. Today, McDonald’s has scaled these improvements to more drive-thrus and in-store kiosks in several global markets.


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