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Engage with travelers to grow loyalty and revenue.

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Fuel data insight-driven decisions that lead to better outcomes

Mastercard Data & Services empowers travel operators and booking services to make data-driven decisions, acquire high-value consumers and engage existing ones. Answer complex questions and increase business profitability with our robust insights and global expertise. Turn insights into action, whether we execute or support you while you execute. Perform at your very best by measuring the impact of your decisions and recalibrating and optimizing as needed.

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Wherever you fit on a customer’s journey, Mastercard Data & Services can help with insights, technology and expertise

Travel overview case study A leading airline assessed the impact of a new business class seat with Test & Learn®

The airline needed to measure the impact of investments in a new lie-flat business class seats on repeat booking and long term revenue – but struggled controlling for biases that existed between customers who flew in the new seat and those who did not.

Test & Learn® helped the airline find the most relevant comparison groups of passengers who flew in the new business class seat and similar travelers who flew in the old seat.

Test & Learn® analysis showed a 33% lift in revenue, sustained for 6 months after a customer’s new seat experience. By targeting future business class seat aircraft and recommending marketing investments, Test & Learn® identified $47 million in incremental revenue.

Customer story
Our team was grappling with a product concept. Mastercard enabled us to come up with a bringing together energy, excitement and external views.
Chief marketing and strategy officer, Expedia

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