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Talk to an expert

Stand out as a preferred payments partner

Merchants now have more choices than ever when selecting a payments partner. Mastercard Data & Services delivers the insights, technology and expertise to help acquiring banks and payment processors succeed:

  • Make informed, data-driven decisions about market opportunities and product strategies
  • Empower sales teams with targeted insights and analysis
  • Retain and grow merchant portfolios through powerful business intelligence solutions
  • Add value with unique insights
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Get better insights, technology and expertise
Inform sales and onboarding strategies

Make smarter decisions

Evolving merchant and consumer expectations mean acquirers and processers need the right information to make smarter decisions. With Mastercard Data & Services, you can design and execute effective sales and merchant onboarding strategies.

  • Unlock market intelligence on consumer spending with Mastercard SpendingPulse™
  • Better evaluate the creditworthiness of small businesses with Small Business Credit Analytics
  • Understand market-level share of wallet with competitive benchmarking analysis
  • Analyze headroom opportunities for new acceptance business
  • Mitigate onboarding risk with a comprehensive risk management review


Selected solutions we offer


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Enhance product offerings

Improve product offerings and services

To stand out against the competition, acquirers and processors need best-in-class products and services. With Mastercard Data & Services, you can develop in-demand products and services while reducing fraud, authorization and regulatory risks.

  • Develop innovative, digital-first product offerings and quickly bring new ideas to market with Digital Labs
  • Mitigate fraud and authorization issues with comprehensive insights from Acquirer Intelligence Center
  • Detect and protect against cyber threats with Mastercard cyber & enterprise risk solutions
  • Find trusted innovation partners with Start Path
  • Provide data analytics to enable merchant insights and performance
  • Design value-added service solutions to unlock new revenue streams with Mastercard experts
  • Avoid unnecessary declines and compliance issues with 3D Secure (3DS)/Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) strategy support


Selected solutions we offer


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Optimize portfolio performance

Drive merchant portfolio growth

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, acquirers and processors need to target the right customers and take the best portfolio actions to optimize acquisition, retention and overall growth. Mastercard Data & Services provides the platforms, insights and expertise to enhance merchant portfolio performance.

  • Identify revenue potential and enhance merchant relationships with Acquiring Optimizer
  • Monitor merchant portfolio performance, identify cost optimization opportunities and unlock portfolio expansion with Acquirer Intelligence Center
  • Maximize portfolio growth through targeted, data-driven decisions with Test & Learn®
  • Create an optimal portfolio segmentation strategy with actionable insights and advisory support


Selected solutions we offer


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Scale distribution

Enhance distribution

New merchant opportunities are distributed across a wide range of locations and industries. Acquirers and processors need to leverage new partners and channels to increase sales and drive productivity.

  • Partner with Mastercard Digital Labs to design and launch new distribution opportunities via channel partners
  • Learn how to work with payment facilitators to expand merchant opportunities
  • Work with Mastercard experts to facilitate BIN Sponsorship
  • Develop the right target operating model within a market, region or cross-border corridor


Selected solutions we offer


Enhance distribution illustration
Acquirers and Processors case study image How AIK Banka found an opportunity to increase transaction volume by 30%

Belgrade-based AIK Banka wanted to strengthen its acquiring portfolio but couldn’t identify the right clients to approach or tactics to use.

To understand opportunities for improvement across its merchant portfolio, the bank used Mastercard’s Acquiring Optimizer tool. Proprietary algorithms, data assets and expertise helped identify gaps and recommendations for reducing attrition and strengthening merchant relationships.

From Acquiring Optimizer’s recommended actions, AIK Banka identified a 30% transaction volume increase opportunity.


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