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Identify and quantify cyber security risks to prioritize action.

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Assess and improve your cybersecurity posture

The average cost of a data breach can be millions of dollars, whilst the associated reputational damage can be just as catastrophic. The ability to prioritize actions against those threats is vital.

Mastercard Cyber Quant allows you to prioritize actions to improve your cyber posture based on risk assessments and exposures in your technology infrastructure, security processes and business practices.

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An automated and comprehensive approach to cyber security

Cyber Quant takes a highly automated and comprehensive approach to quantify cyber risk. The platform enables you to embrace the strategic cyber threat landscape, analyze your organization’s demographics, characteristics and technology diagnostics, and provide actionable next steps:

  • Criticality assessment of current cyber security controls and strategies against relevant threats
  • Quantification of cyber security risks, specific to your organization’s size, revenue, region and industry
  • Valuation of potential financial impact of cyber risks for business assets
  • ROI simulation to showcase the results of recommendations being implemented

Why Mastercard? Cybersecurity principles have secured our global payments network for over 50 years

Petabytes of sensitive data stored securely.
Cards’ data and transactions secured annually
Attacks on our network detected and defeated every minute of every day
Cyber Quant case study A large bank reduced potential financial loss from a breach

Cyber Quant enabled the CISO and CFO of a large bank to prioritize their cybersecurity investments and identify the most impactful controls to reduce security risk.

By taking a risk-based approach, the bank was able to focus on areas with the biggest security gaps while considering overall business impact and execution cost. As a result, the three highest-ROI investments reduced the potential financial loss by $4.2 million.

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