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Small Business

Mastercard Data & Services empowers financial institutions to understand the value of the small business market, develop differentiated products, expand relationships and improve engagement with them.

Discover new insights and opportunities

Find opportunities to penetrate and support the small business market based on insights gleaned from our 90 billion aggregated and anonymized transactions, our customers’ data and third-party data.

We help you understand small businesses’ challenges, needs and preferences for financial products to capitalize on this untapped audience with sizable revenue potential for your financial institution.

Recommend actions and predict results

Gain the knowhow to tailor products to the needs of small businesses with our robust insights and global expertise.

From addressing gaps in your current product suite to designing market-leading value propositions for small businesses, we will provide the data-driven recommendations you need.

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Act on insights and recommendations

Turn insights into action to drive progress toward your goals, whether we execute or support you while you execute.

We are your partner to bring our recommendations to life, from designing and running acquisition campaigns to attract new small business accounts to preparing your employees for conversations with small business owners looking for advice and comprehensive services.

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Improve strategies and outcomes over time

Perform at your very best by measuring the impact of your decisions and recalibrating and optimizing as needed. 

Armed with our help, you will have the resources to improve the value of your relationships with small business banking clients. 

Improve Small Business Outcomes

Mastercard Data & Services empowers financial institutions to meet the needs of small businesses with proprietary data, people and platforms.

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Small Business Reset

The global health crisis affected small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in vastly different ways. Learn more about the outsized impact to small businesses around the globe, including store closures and launches, digital innovation and their future outlook.

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A Small Business Triangle: Instant, Open, Intelligent

Three powerful trends are converging in the digital economy: real-time payments, open banking and artificial intelligence. This report looks at the triangular relationship between the three technologies in terms of their synergies, mutual dependencies and benefits to business.

A not so small portfolio optimization opportunity

Nearly 80% of U.S. small businesses use a personal card for business expenses, partly because they don’t understand the benefits of a commercial card. Banks with the right strategy can help small businesses make the switch.

A European Bank increased business card spend over 100% in 6 months with a new Small Business Acquisition Campaign
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