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Meet the banking needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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Support SMEs worldwide

Mastercard Data & Services empowers financial institutions to understand the value of the SME market, develop differentiated products, expand relationships and improve engagement. 85% of SMEs use financial products made for consumers. We help you understand SMEs' challenges, needs and preferences for financial products to capitalize on this untapped audience with sizeable revenue potential for your financial institution.

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Boost SMEs’ success through smart banking solutions

Understand the market dynamics of the SME segment

SMEs have an outsized impact on the global economy, yet many banks have underinvested in this segment, resulting in inadequate value propositions and dissatisfaction from SMEs that are increasingly turning to non-traditional financial providers. As a result, more than 80% of SMEs are using banking products designed for consumers. Still, SMEs look to their banks to provide partnership, advice and comprehensive services—which is a sizeable opportunity for financial institutions. We provide:

  • Market analysis and competitive assessment
  • Opportunity sizing
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Top-line business case
  • Macroeconomic trends
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Portfolio segmentation and payment trends for SMEs


Solutions we offer


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Create SME centric products and services

Design value propositions and launch products made with SMEs in mind. We offer:

  • Market and competitor review
  • Gap analysis, customer value proposition design and concept testing
  • Design workshop to develop a prototype rapidly
  • Implement and launch a best-in-class digital experience
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Acquire SME customers and expand relationships with current SME customers

Identify new SME clients and cross-sell relevant products with improved sales strategies and tools.

  • Identification of ideal card prospects within the business or consumer banking base
  • Design of SME acquisition and activation strategies
  • Conduct a sales and onboarding processes diagnostic and optimization
  • Deploy sales training programs through digital channels
  • Product launch and marketing campaign design and execution
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Increase SME engagement with better lifecycle management strategies

Bolster lasting engagement with SMEs and improve usage and retention for SME products.

  • Evaluation of SME banking product line strategy across all banking products
  • Customer segmentation and interaction model
  • Predictive analysis and optimization strategy
  • End-to-end customer journey mapping and diagnostic
  • Design and execution of marketing campaigns, leveraging the rewards and offers platform


Solutions we offer


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Small Business Segment case study A European bank’s campaign saw 100% increase in business card spend

A European bank wanted to reach small businesses and grow its SME card portfolio. Mastercard developed a cardholder promotion and media campaign to market a new business card offering and increase acquisition of SME cardholders. The engagement included design and execution of a B2C and B2B sales campaign to acquire customers, develop a communication strategy and execute a media plan to reach SME customers. This resulted in a 70% increase in business cards and 100% increase in business card spend over 6 months.


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