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SME Commercial Value Proposition

Meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

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Identify gaps in SME offerings and design a differentiated value proposition

Mastercard SME Commercial Value Proposition helps issuers meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses through a current state assessment, competitive analysis and product ideation workshop.

SME Commercial Value Proposition

Develop enhanced commercial value propositions for business cards

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Despite the significant influence of SMEs on the global economy, they remain underserved by the financial services industry

Of SMEs use financial products made for consumers.*
Use their personal banking products because it is easier to manage.*
Small businesses are twice as likely to bundle services (issuing, acceptance, bank account) with a single partner vs. comparable products with multiple partners.**
Of small business owners become more loyal when you can provide consolidated services that meet their personal and commercial needs.**

* Source: Mastercard 2022 Global Study
** Source: Kaiser Associates research, 2023

Mastercard Consulting

Partner with our consulting experts to optimize how you serve SMEs.

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SME CVP Case study A European bank developed new product proposals based on opportunity analysis

A European bank wanted to improve commercial card offerings and needed to identify high-value segments and build a new product value proposition. Mastercard segmented micro, small and medium businesses to identify high-value segments and benchmarked the bank’s peers to identify improvement opportunities. Market research was conducted to inform a new product value proposition.

Mastercard summarized key themes based on more than 25 best practices from global banks, identified three sub-segments for a new product value proposition, and supported the development of three new product proposals.


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