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What we do
Test & Learn® helps organizations understand the true impact of their new and existing initiatives and recommends the most profitable next steps.
Test & Learn® platform
Design and analyze hundreds of business experiments
Test & Learn® with SpendingPulse™ modeling
Evaluate large-scale business initiatives
Test & Learn® consulting services
Work with an experienced team of consultants
Who we serve
Test & Learn® enables organizations across industries to grow the ROI of their business investments through better analytic insights.
Optimize pricing strategies, merchandising
Financial institutions
Improve branch profitability, customer loyalty and operational efficiencies
Insurance Carriers
Optimize claims management, distribution and drive operational efficiencies
Evaluate promotions, price elasticity of menu items and labor needs
Quantify the impact of promotions, merchandising strategies and supply chain investments
Optimize save offers, promo roll offs and bundling pricing strategies
Understand the impact of major capital investments and new pricing models
Strategies we power
Test & Learn® empowers you to make smarter decisions by optimizing strategies across your business.
Labor & operations
Optimize labor strategies and operational investments
Understand the impact of customer loyalty initiatives
Quantify the ROI of marketing investments across your media mix
Adjust product offerings and space planning more effectively
Network strategy
Evaluate capital expenditures and network decisions
Determine optimal pricing strategies
Mastercard offers various resources to enable organizations to drive more data-driven decisions using business experimentation tactics.
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Get a faster, more accurate business analytics solution

Mastercard Test & Learn® offers:

  • An easy-to-use tool for custom business experiments
  • Tailored advice from experienced consultants
  • Next-level insights from proprietary Mastercard SpendingPulse™ data
  • 5x ROI on 92% of engagements*
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What is Mastercard Test & Learn®?

A product suite for learning which changes truly matter


What can Mastercard Test & Learn® improve?

Business analytics software for your key challenges

Mastercard Test & Learn® empowers you to optimize critical initiatives across your business.

How Mastercard Test & Learn® has helped others

92% have seen 5x ROI. Are you next?

A Frost & Sullivan analysis of over 230 Test & Learn® initiatives showed Test & Learn® generates at least 5X ROI for 92% of engagements. Our product, formerly APT Test & Learn®, has helped hundreds of leading organizations make critical business decisions for decades.

Frequently asked questions

What is Mastercard Test & Learn®?

Mastercard Test & Learn® is a business analytics solution comprised of multiple product offerings:

  • The analytics platform
  • Business experimentation consulting services
  • Additional insights available via proprietary Mastercard SpendingPulse™ data.
What is APT Test & Learn®?

Prior to 2015, Mastercard Test & Learn® was called Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) Test & Learn®.

What does Mastercard Test & Learn® do?

Mastercard Test & Learn® helps companies run business experiments to better understand customer behavior, optimize pricing models, refine promotion strategies, and more. 

The platform uses predictive analytics, machine learning, and other data analytics methodologies to analyze datasets and recommend actions for improvement.

Learn more about the platform.

Is this an A/B testing tool?

Our business intelligence suite includes the Mastercard Test & Learn® platform, business experimentation consulting, and additional insights with proprietary Mastercard SpendingPulse™ data.

What is the test and learn process or strategy?

Get more information about the test and learn process in our Essential Guide to Business Experimentation.

What questions can Mastercard Test & Learn® answer?

Business analytics solutions like Mastercard Test & Learn® can help companies answer questions such as:

  • Which aspects of our initiative had the most impact?

  • Which customers or markets would respond best to this initiative?

  • How can we target a rollout to maximize ROI?

  • Do we make more money when we lower our prices? 

  • What is the true incremental impact of a remodel?

  • How can we improve promotions?

Will Mastercard Test & Learn® work in my industry?

Our product offerings are optimized for a diverse range of data analytics needs across industries:

What happened to Applied Predictive Technologies (APT)?

Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) was acquired by Mastercard in 2015.

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