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Engage with flyers to grow loyalty and revenue.

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Fuel better outcomes with advanced technology platforms and data insight-driven decisions

Mastercard Data & Services empowers airlines to make data-driven decisions, acquire high-value consumers and engage existing ones – all leading to increased business profitability. When you’re facing complex questions, our robust insights and global expertise will help you answer them. Turn insights into action on fares, ancillary offerings, network planning, products and loyalty. Whether we execute or support you while you execute, you'll perform at your best by measuring the impact of your decisions and recalibrating and optimizing as needed.

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Mastercard Data & Services helps airlines pilot value with insights, technology and expertise
Maximize revenue

Grow traveler spend with more attractive routes, compelling ancillary offerings and new business models

Airlines can maximize revenue by managing pricing and routes effectively, while offering travelers ancillary benefits they value. Mastercard Data & Services helps airlines create value with the insights, technology and expertise to help with key business challenges.

  • Prioritize growth markets based on revenue opportunity, ease of capture and brand fit, using Test & Learn®
  • Identify top and emerging travel corridors and forecast future spend with proprietary data insights
  • Understand how travelers spend across channels and locations with SpendingPulse™


Solutions we offer


Travel Segment Flight Routes
Personalize the flier experience

Consumers demand seamless, digital and personalized experiences

Airlines that can deliver enhanced, hyper-personalized experiences both online and offline will win. Mastercard Data & Services helps airlines overcome digital and personalization challenges and tailor travelers’ experiences to their unique needs.

  • Create, test and optimize personalized and synchronized experiences with Dynamic Yield
  • Adapt to the digital environment and deliver high-impact, customer-centric journeys with Mastercard Digital Labs


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Travel Segment Airplane Seats
Acquire and engage travelers

Acquire and engage travelers with relevant communications, offers and promotions through multi-channel campaigns

Reaching the right customer at the right time is increasingly complex with the increase in booking channels. Airlines must evolve toward more agile marketing strategies that grows sales and enhances loyalty. Mastercard Data & Services helps airlines design, implement and measure cutting-edge digital and traditional marketing strategies.

  • Develop stronger relationships with your customers by leveraging Mastercard’s SessionM loyalty platform to build engaging customer experiences
  • Execute and optimize customer acquisition with a dedicated team of Marketing Services experts
  • Measure customer acquisition efforts and analyze and scale program improvements using Test & Learn®


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Travel Segment Flyer Status
Build long-term loyalty

Offer engaging customer experiences to keep up with the evolution of frequent flyer programs and create loyalty as an outcome

Airlines must balance the needs of vacationers, businesspeople and the “bleisure” travelers in-between. No matter why they’re traveling, consumers are looking for relevance, seamless integrations and experiential reasons to engage. Mastercard Data & Services helps airlines design or refine loyalty programs, expand the loyalty ecosystem and optimize loyalty strategies.

  • Optimize customer engagement with hands-on guidance from Mastercard’s Loyalty Consulting experts
  • Drive brand preference and loyalty unprecedented reach, ease and efficiency by leveraging card-linked offers
  • Measure the effectiveness of your frequent flyer program and analyze and scale program improvements using Test & Learn®


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Travel Segment Ticket Counter
Protect accounts and payments

Reduce fraud, improve authorization and defend against vulnerabilities

Provide travelers with a seamless experience that keeps data safe.

  • Understand your fraud performance, identify detailed countermeasures and unlock revenue potential
  • Assess vulnerabilities, prioritize remediation and implement technologies and processes


Solutions we offer


Travel overview case study A leading airline assessed the impact of a new business class seat with Test & Learn®

The airline needed to understand the impact of new lie-flat business class seats on repeat booking and long term revenue - but struggled controlling for biases that existed between customers who flew in the new seat and those who did not.

Test & Learn helped the airline compare groups of passengers who flew in the new business class seat to similar travelers who flew in the old seat.

Test & Learn analysis showed a 33% lift in revenue, sustained for 6 months after a customer’s new seat experience. By targeting future business class seat aircraft and marketing investments, Test & Learn identified $47 million in incremental revenue.

Customer story

Mastercard partnered with Emirates to reimagine the Skywards loyalty program value proposition and member experience

Mastercard has done a very professional job at putting everything into a framework that allows us to not only understand what the customer problem is, but also how we need to build out this product and service and take it to market in the real world.
Digital communications manager, Emirates Skywards

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