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What’s Trending Report: Findustrial Revolution

How Mastercard Accelerate can help accelerate fintech growth

For all their structural agility and transformational ability, unprepared expansion into evolving markets and unfamiliar regions can pose challenges for fintechs.

A sound idea on paper might not work in market. Viability in one market is not guaranteed in another. And fewer investors are willing to throw caution to the COVID-19 wind engulfing the economy.

This report describes the domestic and international growth of a variety of fintechs across different stages of the fintech lifecycle.

The U.S. saw a 30% increase in fintech use between 2016 and 2019 with the most commonly cited benefit being ease of use

 —Source: Mastercard & Kearney report

Download the full report to learn how Mastercard Accelerate can help accelerate your fintech’s growth.

Download the Report

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