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At its core, digital first is the ethos in banking to design any financial product and service with the digital channel as the primary interaction with consumers.

As consumer preferences for banking and payments evolve and competition increases, banks must view digital first as core to innovation. Many consumers now expect it, and traditional banks and fintech innovators are responding in big, impactful ways.

In “Thinking digital first: Sharing lessons learned for retail banks,” we explore:

  • the benefits of digital first for customer engagement
  • common digital-first approaches
  • lessons learned for financial institutions during their digital-first journeys

Download the report to learn the latest trends in how financial institutions worldwide are evolving and growing their digital-first approaches.

“Digital first will be the future of many card programs around the world, and for good reason given how effectively it meets consumer expectations and helps banks to reduce costs and drive acquisition.”

Download the report

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