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Participate in the Mastercard email campaign to boost cardholder activity and drive revenue at no direct cost to you.

Card on File / Bill Pay Campaign


Card on File will drive your cardholders to save their credentials on file.

Cardholders are 1.3x more likely to remain active and have 14x higher average spend when they've saved their credentials on file, according to Mastercard analytics.

Bill Pay is focused on driving cardholders to pay bills through your institutions.

52% of bill payers identify security as highly important to their digital bill payment experience, with 20% naming it the most important factor. This campaign will reinforce the ease and security in using their Mastercard to pay their bills online.

Save your marketing teams the hassle and let Mastercard do the work for you!

We offer two options for email deployment:

  1. Mastercard Deployed: Mastercard will customize creatives and deploy the email campaign to your cardholders on your behalf.

  2. Client Deployed: Mastercard will share the creative HTML for the campaign, which your internal team can code and send directly to your cardholders.  

Complete the form to sign up for the campaign and indicate your deployment preference. You will receive an email confirmation with additional information on getting started.

Why sign up?

money graph increasing

Drive revenue

hand holding credit card

Boost cardholder activities

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Increase e-commerce transactions


Sign up for the campaign

Choose whether you'd like Mastercard to deploy the email campaigns, or handle in-house.
Mastercard is able to offer this campaign to either your debit or your Mastercard credit portfolios.
Please ensure to include all applicable Consumer Debit and Credit BINs. For multiple BINs, please separate with a comma.
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