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Exclusively in 2024 and at no initial cost to you, Mastercard will build and deploy a cobranded digital benefits presentment website to help remind your cardholders of valuable features their card provides.


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Additionally, Mastercard will support 2 e-mail campaigns as well as multiple banner designs, again at no cost to you. Upon the second year of the co-branded website being in production, Mastercard will bill an annual pass through charge of $15,000 for continued site maintenance and content updates.

Mastercard is making this unprecedented investment specifically for Community Institutions to help facilitate increased engagement with your cardholders and the card features available to them. Sign up by July 1, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST to participate in this exclusive opportunity.

After completing the form, Mastercard will send you a survey that will enable you to seamlessly provide your logo for co-branding, confirm your template banner preference and also approve the site for deployment within 4-6 weeks of survey submission.

Campaign details:

Priceless co-branded landing page: After the cardholder authenticates using their 16 digit Mastercard card number, both Core and Optional benefits provided by Mastercard will be displayed and cardholder will have the ability to learn more about the services and also redeem for them/file a claim where eligible.

  • 2 email campaigns
    • Each email campaign consists of 1 desktop + 1 mobile version
    • Coding not included
    • Campaign topics includes overall platform introduction, specific platform feature, platform usage best practices
  • 1 static banner ad:
    • Static banner ad in 5 standard sizes delivered as image files (.jpg or .png)
    • Mastercard can provide placement recommendation
  • Customization option: +$8,000 (covers both emails and banner) 
    • Customization includes card art and issuer logo 
    • If interested, please contact [email protected]

Complete the form to sign up for the Priceless Platform. If you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected]

Sign up here

Please enter your bank's ICA.
Please enter the BIN for your portfolio type. If both debit & credit, please provide to your Mastercard Representative.

By clicking submit, I acknowledge and agree to the Community Institution Campaign Terms and Conditions.

By clicking submit, I also acknowledge and agree that my personal data may be processed in accordance with Mastercard's Privacy Notice and Terms of Use.

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