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Customer Acquisition Strategies for Banking Prospects


Breaking through the noise to connect with consumers in the digital era has been more challenging than ever, especially after Covid-19 accelerated consumer digital adoption by at least two years.*

Retail banks globally must re-examine their customer acquisition strategies, including solving for disjointed customer journeys and personalizing offers and communications. Banks must adopt new approaches all while reacting to changing legislation, the elimination of third-party cookies and reducing customer acquisition costs.

This report looks at how today’s retail banks can build re-imagined digital-first banking experiences that are seamless, convenient and intuitive—starting with customer acquisition.

"With a broader and more permanent adoption of digital everything, banking acquisition strategies will be better served with the right data and insights that help identify the right audiences and engage them with seamless and connected digital experiences.”

In this report, we delve into:

  • Key challenges faced by retail banks in acquiring new customers 

  • A data-driven, 5-step framework for digital acquisition 

  • Case studies on how this approach has worked for retail banking 


*Mastercard Recovery Insights: Commerce E-volution, 2021. 

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