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Mastercard Lifecycle Marketing

Grow your interchange revenue with card on file

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Cardholders are 1.3x more likely to remain active and have 14x higher average spend when they've saved their credentials on file, according to Mastercard analytics. 

Drive credential on file amongst your cardholders this season with our credential on file campaign launching in November 2021. Save your Marketing teams the hassle and let Mastercard do the work for you!

Past Campaign Outcomes:

Mastercard reached 580,000+ cardholders across 49 issuers during a 2020 card on file email campaign. Within the first 30 days of the campaign, we produced immediate benefits:

Revenue icon 

Interchange revenue increased +5.6%

Transaction icon 

Transaction count increased +5.1%

Ticket icon 

Average ticket size increased +0.5%

The benefits sustained even 90 days post-campaign with a 9.4% increase in interchange revenue compared to the control group.

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