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Contactless Optimization

As the global gold standard for in-store purchases, contactless payments drive significant value for both businesses and consumers.

With contactless payments rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, now is the time to capture cardholder attention. Contactless payments provide a multitude of benefits to all members of the Mastercard ecosystem:

Cash Conversion
With its ease of use, contactless encourages cardholders to ditch cash in favor of card-based payments
Contactless offers the same level of security offered by EMV chip insert cards, allowing the cardholder to maintain control when making purchases
Cardholders enjoy reduced queues and a seamless payment flow, converting cash to card-based payments
Contactless payments can be made using a card or mobile wallet

Mastercard’s Contactless Optimization Solutions help issuers, acquirers and merchants accelerate contactless implementations and drive consumer adoption at each phase of the process:

Understand the local landscape to inform the most effective go to market strategy
Efficiently implement contactless, enable portfolios and drive initial contactless tapping behavior
Optimize everyday contactless usage to drive electronification of cash

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