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mastercard economics institute
Insights from the Economics Institute

Our insights to help keep your business moving forward.

  • Our edge as part of one of the world’s largest and most dynamic technology companies in the payments space, sitting at the center of commerce for more than 50 years

  • Proprietary economic insights and near real-time measures like SpendingPulse™ drawn from aggregated and anonymized sales activity across Mastercard’s global network, and proven external data sources

  • Comprehensive in-house expertise, with a hand-picked team of economists, data scientists, visual artists, storytellers, and others from across the public and private sectors

  • Future-forward approach that melds hands-on, expert analysis with machine learning algorithms for deep, meaningful, and intuitive reporting

  • Stunning visualizations and interactive reports that allow users to customize their own pathways and derive hyper-relevant information to address their needs

  • Seamless connection to services such as Test & Learn® that allow clients to test the true impact of their ideas, moving from insights to action with certainty