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Mastercard Webinar: How to Evolve to Beat Cyber Crime

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With cyber security threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, organizations must understand their vulnerabilities and continuously improve their prevention and response strategies. 

Sixty one percent (61%) of consumers are unlikely to continue shopping with companies that have experienced a significant data breach, according to research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and powered by Mastercard. Based on Mastercard’s expertise protecting its own data assets, this webinar will examine how organizations can take a step forward to address their risks with cyber risk quantification, threat intelligence mapping and outcome modeling.

Webinar Speaker:

Ashish headshot 

Ashish Gupta

Principal, Cyber Security Services (Americas), Mastercard

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • Global trends in cyber security

  • Framework for assessing your company’s cyber security capabilities and generating ideas aimed at reducing risk

  • Strategies for equipping your team with the tools to stay ahead of cyber threats

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