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Mastercard Webinar: Monitoring Daily Market Trends to Navigate Uncertain Times

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With rapid economic changes significantly impacting consumer spend, understanding daily spending across industries and markets can help inform business planning.

Join this Mastercard webinar to learn how our Daily Market Trend Index solution can be used to navigate changing consumer spend behavior due to COVID-19. The session will uncover how organizations can leverage global and regional market trends to answer today's most pressing business questions.

Webinar Speakers:

Emilie Kroner headshot  

Emilie Kroner

Vice President, Enterprise Strategy, Mastercard

Young-Ji Park headshot  

Serge Bernard

Senior Vice President, Analytics Product Management, Mastercard


This Webinar Will Cover:

  • An overview of the Mastercard Daily Market Trend Index capability

  • Examples of how organizations can use Mastercard Daily Market Trend Index to monitor consumer segment spend changes across markets and help guide business decision-making

  • Ways to leverage cross-market spend insights to understand COVID-19 escalation and recovery curves

  • Strategies that organizations can use to make more informed business decisions moving forward

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