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Consumer Product Goods

Mastercard Data & Services helps consumer packaged goods companies make data-driven decisions, navigate the shift to digital and reach and nurture consumers.

Discover new insights and opportunities

Find opportunities with suppliers, distributors and consumers based on insights gleaned from our 90 billion aggregated and anonymized transactions, our customers’ data and third-party data.

We expose you to the latest technology and industry innovations to help you benchmark performance relative to your competition, understand market and consumer trends and more.

Uncover opportunities with suppliers, distributers and consumers
Recommend actions and predict results

Gain the knowhow to address complex challenges related to retail servicing, aisle resets, labor pricing, operations, marketing and more, with our robust insights and global expertise.

From optimizing your product, channel and distribution strategy to identifying high value partners, we will provide the data-driven recommendations you need.

Fuel more data-driven decisions.
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Act on insights and recommendations

Turn insights into action to drive progress toward your goals, whether we execute or support you while you execute.

We are your partner to bring our recommendations to life, from creating an omnichannel program to reach and nurture consumers to testing a new strategy on a small scale.

Reach new consumers and nurture those relationships by executing real-time, targeted campaigns using Mastercard’s best-in-class loyalty capabilities.
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Improve strategies and outcomes over time

Perform at your very best by measuring the impact of your decisions and recalibrating and optimizing as needed.

Armed with our help, you will have the resources to accelerate experimentation and drive improved business performance even as your goal post moves.

Accelerate innovation by taking a consumer-centric approach to bring new ideas to market quickly.

Mastercard Data & Services empowers CPG brands to navigate complex and evolving trends with proprietary data, people and platforms.

Test & Learn®

Whether it’s a remodel or loyalty offer, read a program’s true impact and take the most profitable action going forward

Loyalty Offers

Differentiate your business with seamless, digital, personalized offers powered by Mastercard


Drive stronger customer relationships leveraging SessionM's powerful customer data and engagement platform.


SpendingPulse™ provides market intelligence based on consumer buying behavior. These insights include analysis of current market trends & forecasts of customer spending patterns.

Cyber Quant

Identify and quantify cyber security risks, flag security gaps, and estimate the impact of new cyber security controls on the business within an organization’s relevant threat landscape, to create personalized results and recommendations

A large CPG generated incremental revenue by using Test & Learn® to rollout a pricing change.
Large CPG manufacturer