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Optimize retail media network spend with testing

As retail media network growth continues to soar, consumer goods companies are looking to better measure and optimize their investments.

Mastercard recently commissioned a study with Forrester Consulting to assess the current state of retail media network strategies in the CPG/FMCG industry. Forrester’s survey of 315+ B2C marketing leaders across the globe found that 74% of respondents believe retail media networks are integral to growing revenue. However, 65% reported difficulties determining how to spend on RMNs to maximize ROI.

Download the study to learn how CPGs are navigating today’s retail media landscape. The study covers:

  • The top strategies and use cases for retail media
  • How CPG companies are funding RMN investments
  • Current challenges faced in maximizing ROI
  • Potential benefits of building RMN partnerships 

Download the Forrester study

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