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Challenges in the digital world are diverse and fast, and consumers are demanding integrated experiences on all digital platforms. With Mastercard’s end-to-end services, you can access insights and trends, receive innovation support in the design and UX, improve technology and cybersecurity capabilities, and use data to target new clients.

In addition when digital players are looking to expand beyond their core business by offering payment solutions, Mastercard can help fulfill customer demands by identifying strategies to enter the payments space, build value propositions, and support the development of integrated experiences in one digital platform.

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Turn bold ideas into tangible, impactful business strategies
Enhance customer journeys

Enhance customer journeys

Mastercard’s loyalty, personalization, analytics and rewards platforms can help you:

  • Improve targeting on acquisition campaigns
  • Deploy incentive-driven activations that improve product usage
  • Personalize customer campaigns
  • Build engaging loyalty programs
  • Meet IT needs and deliver valuable insights


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Optimize security processes

Optimize authorization, cyber risk and security management processes

To improve security measures and acceptance rates, Mastercard can help you:

  • Improve authorization rates, fraud and chargeback solutions
  • Address lagging security performance
  • Measure risk in business terms
  • Prioritize cyber investments that follow actionable diagnoses and best practices
  • Assess current capabilities and identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide an implementation roadmap for IT initiatives
  • Provide consulting services to assess and define your AI & Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Safely integrate payment channels


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Make strategic decisions

Make strategic decisions using better insights and technology

Mastercard has the data and insights to help you make smarter decisions for better outcomes.

  • Understand the shifting market landscape
  • Access trends reports to inform strategic decisions and build a custom value proposition
  • Assess feasibility through innovation workshops, market research and prototypes
  • Implement data-driven solutions and Mastercard tools
  • Assess data governance, management and strategy
  • Provide consulting and innovation services to define the payments strategy that most aligns with business objectives, design and implement your digital payments platform through workshops, prototyping, and performing a technical assessment


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Begin the path to issuance

Begin the path to issuance

Mastercard can help you expand beyond your core business to offer payments products.

  • Receive end-to-end support as you enter the payments market
  • Explore optimal customer value proposition configurations for different products
  • Uncover cross-sell opportunities
  • Manage your card portfolio with activation and retention campaigns
  • Enrich transaction data to unlock insights
  • Receive go-to-market strategy recommendations and support developing a customer value proposition


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High Tech case study image How a software company’s influencer marketing campaign saw 1.7x engagement

A software company was looking for new channels to grow awareness of its latest offering for small and medium businesses. Mastercard designed and executed a social influencer campaign to introduce audiences to the platform and encourage new customers to sign up for a free trial. The campaign delivered over 50 original content assets and resulted in 1.3x reach, 1.7x engagement and 1.3x clicks.